Full House Confessions

there is not going to be any new posts for a while. maybe til the end of next week. i’m not feeling that great and i have exams to do.

i’m still looking for one person to help me with the graphics. if you are interested let me know and send a couple graphics my way. i’ll pick someone probably by the end of next week also. 

is anybody willing to help me run this blog? mainly just helping me make graphics.

if so inbox me with why you want to help and an example of a graphic that you would make. it doesn’t have to be full house related i just want to see how you make them.

thanks in advance if you send stuff!

I’m turning off submissions for a bit.

Only so I could catch up on the ones I already have.

I should be opening it on October 5th. Or two days.

I'm not sure if you got my confession, it was from a while ago, and it was about Viper.

yes. sorry i haven’t gotten to it yet. i’m actually closing submissions for a couple days so i can catch up. i have around 50 right now. and i started college about a month ago so i’ve been doing that first.

i’m actually getting to them all now. sorry to make you wait.